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Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023 
Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Biology

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The mission of the Biology degree programs is to develop each student’s ability to acquire and critically interpret knowledge of scientific facts and theories of biology, to relate that knowledge to other subject areas and to communicate his or her understanding to others. The programs prepare students for employment in scientific professions as well as pursuit of advanced degrees and careers in biology or health sciences.+

Biology Major

The Department of Biology offers curricula leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Biology.

The program emphasizes training to pursue careers in research, education, biomedicine, biotechnology, or unique paths selected by the students in consultation with their faculty mentors. Students should discuss specific options with their faculty mentors.

Students will have the option to specialize in areas ranging from molecular mechanisms to ecological analysis. A broad range of course materials emphasizing critical thinking will be cultivated by involvement in investigative techniques ranging from laboratory experiments to individual research projects. Students will be encouraged to think beyond the classroom and participate in activities on and off campus.

A Department Exit Exam is required of all students applying for graduation with a degree from the program. The Department Exit Exam is a summary test of Biology core course materials specific to the program of study. A passing grade of seventy percent (70%) is required for graduation. Biology majors will take the Department Exit Exam while enrolled in BIOL 4930 - Senior Synthesis .

Service Courses

Certain courses are offered for students who do not intend to earn the degree in biology. These courses are intended to provide electives for majors in other departments or as introductory courses for students planning to move on to other programs.

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