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Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023 
Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Mathematics

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Mathematics Major

The Department of Mathematics offers courses leading towards a degree in mathematics and a double major in mathematics and any area of technical sciences. Minor programs in mathematics, physics, and computer science are available. The program promotes an extensive interdisciplinary approach to provide students a sound educational background, one that will make the students quite remarkable and thus prepared for gainful employment, or prepared to pursue graduate study. Course offerings include pure mathematics, applied mathematics, and statistics.

The main objectives of the Program of Mathematics and Physical Sciences are (1) to provide a program of study in mathematics, physical sciences, and environmental science which will enable students to achieve computational and problem-solving skills, an understanding of basic physical principles, and will enable them to apply these skills to their respective areas of study; and (2) to provide students in mathematics with the theory and applications necessary for use in post-baccalaureate study and/or in their work force, insight into physical and natural laws, and the analytical and logical thinking necessary for the application of these tools in the various fields as measured by the program and standard national level examinations

The curriculum in Mathematics is designed for those students who are interested in careers in mathematics or related fields (after graduation) in industry/government or pursuing an advanced degree in mathematics, pure or applied.

Mathematics Education Concentration

The Department of Mathematics, in collaboration with the College of Education (COE), offers a bachelor’s degree in mathematics with a secondary education (6-12) track for students in the Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program. Mathematics education candidates will complete a set of courses to be used as one measure of the teacher candidate’s content knowledge in mathematics. The courses will represent concepts of mathematics and will cover topics that are essential for teaching, synthesizing information, and using technology. See College of Education faculty advisors for additional requirements.

Freshman Mathematics

Entering freshmen whose scores on the combined verbal and mathematics sections of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) meet the requirements for regular admission are placed in college algebra, pre-calculus, or calculus courses. Applicants for admission whose SAT score does not meet the requirements for the regular admission must take the Collegiate Placement Examination (CPE) or COMPASS placement test in English, reading and mathematics. Based on their achievement on the Mathematics test, these students are assigned to college algebra or to a mathematics course in the Center for Student Success.

Required Examinations

Candidates for the baccalaureate degree in the program of Mathematics and Physical Sciences are required to pass the reading and essay writing components of the Regents’ Test Program (RTP). Seniors Mathematics majors are required to take the departmental assessment examination and pass with an average of 50% to graduate from the program.

Exemption Examinations

Students may be exempted with credit hours from college algebra, pre-calculus, or calculus courses by passing the requisite examinations. Examinations should be taken before the end of the first semester of enrollment at Savannah State University and must be taken in sequential order. The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests are administered by the University’s Director of Testing.

Examinations Required for Exemption with Credit

Course Test Minimum Passing Score
College Algebra CLEP - College Algevra 50% per American Council of Edu(ACE)
Pre-calculus CLEP - Trigonometry 50% per American Council of Edu(ACE)
Calculus I Advanced Placement (AP) - Calculus AB 3 or above
Calculus II Advanced Placement (AP) - Calculus BC 3 or above


Students who have passed either Calculus I, Calculus II, or Calculus III with a minimum grade of “C” will not receive credit hours for the pre-calculus course taken subsequently.

All students must pass both parts of the Regents’ Test and must earn a minimum grade of “C” in all courses specified as major/or minor requirements.

Students enrolled in the Program of Mathematics and Physical Sciences who earned less than the grade “C” in any English, mathematics, science, engineering, or major or minor course required in their curriculum must repeat the course during the next semester that the course is offered.

Students whose score on mathematics section of the SAT is less than 475 must take college algebra, the prerequisite course for precalculus.

Criteria of requirement to get into the general Math Classes:

Course Prerequisite
MATH 1001 - Quantitative Reasoning  Refer Learning Support Section-Placement: Mathematics
MATH 1111 - College Algebra  Refer Learning Support Section-Placement: Mathematics
MATH 1401 - Elementary Statistics  Refer Learning Support Section-Placement: Mathematics
MATH 1113 - Pre-Calculus  Completion of MATH 1111  (C or better) or
A minimum score of 500 on the SAT-Math / 19 on ACT / 50 on CLEP - College Algebra or
Completion of other higher math than MATH 1111  with C or better
MATH 2101 - Calculus I  Completion of MATH 1113  (C or better) or
A minimum score of 50 on CLEP - Precalculus or
A minimum score of 550 on the SAT-Math / 23 on the ACT together with completion of (high school) AP Calculus AB with 3 or above

Criteria of requirement to get into the Honor Math Classes

Course Prerequisite
Freshman Current students
MATH 1111H - College Algebra Not offered
MATH 1113H - Precalculus SAT 550+ /ACT 23+ and GPA 3.0 SAT 550+ /ACT 23+ and GPA 3.5 or
College Algebra A and GPA 3.5
MATH 2101H - Calculus I SAT 600+ /ACT 26+ and GPA 3.2 including
AP Calculus AB with 3+
Regular Precal A and GPA 3.5 or
Honor Precal B+ and GPA 3.3
MATH 2111H - Calculus II Not allowed Regular Cal I A and GPA3.5 or
Honor Cal I B+ and GPA 3.3


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