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Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022 
Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Naval Science

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Scholarship Programs

For continuing students already enrolled in a Savannah State University curriculum or transferring students with previous college credit, the Department of Defense offers a limited number of 3 and 2 year scholarships (“side load scholarships”) to qualifying students interested in a career of service in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps. Scholarship requirements include a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA, rigorous physical fitness standards including body composition standards, adherence to an honor code, and participation in service related training events outside of normal academic course load which contribute to overall leadership development. Approved enrollment in the NROTC College Program (see below) allows for qualifying students to compete for NROTC Scholarships. Contact the Department of Naval Science in the McGlockton Building for specific details.

College Program Midshipmen (non-scholarship)

Navy ROTC College program allows participation in midshipmen training for students not on scholarship, but interested in pursuing a commission in the U.S. Navy, or U.S. Marine Corps. Interested freshmen and sophomores can apply for this program at the Department of Naval Science in the McGlockton building. Qualified and competitive students in NROTC College Program may apply for 2.5 or 3 year scholarships depending on their service option. If a College Program student is not awarded a scholarship by the conclusion of sophomore year, he/she may be considered for Advanced Standing, which will grant a commission in the Navy or Marine Corps upon graduation. Advanced Standing requires selection from a Naval Service Training Command. Students may also be granted Provisional Advanced Standing directly from the PNS if they meet all program requirements prior to entry.

College Program students must take all required Naval Science courses for their service option. These students must complete one-year of college-level study in both mathematics and physical science as a prerequisite for commissioning. Mathematics courses must be college algebra or higher and completed by the end of the junior year. The physical science requirement can be met by completing a one-year sequence, or two courses, in any area of physical science and completed by the end of senior year.

Navy Option Scholarship Requirements

While not a requirement to join, all Navy option students are encouraged to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics majors. Navy option scholarship students must complete 6 hours of Calculus by the end of their second year and 6 hours of Physics by the end of their third year as a prerequisite for commissioning.

Marine Corps Option Scholarship Requirements

All Marine Corps option students shall take, during the junior or senior year, one course in military history and one in political science (6 hours total) from a list approved by the Professor of Naval Science.

Other NROTC-Specific Academic Requirements

All NROTC programs require a 3-hour American History/National Security Policy course, 6 hours of English, and a 3-hour World Culture/Regional Studies course. Students in the NROTC program will maintain a semester and cumulative GPA of 2.5 to remain in the program.

NROTC Uniforms, Books and Instructional Materials

NROTC uniforms, books and special instructional materials will be issued at no charge to naval scholarship and college program students. Uniforms must be returned upon exit from the NROTC program. Books and other instructional material must be returned at the completion of each academic term.

Scholarship Benefits

Nationally awarded Navy ROTC scholarships are available to qualified students for tuition, fees and laboratory expenses. The scholarships can pay for one, two, three, or four years of tuition and fee expenses and possibly five years depending on major. Scholarship includes a $350 book stipend per semester. Additionally, the Department of the Navy reserves a portion of all scholarships for students who attend Historically Black College and Universities.

Financial Assistance

All Midshipmen in the NROTC program who qualify for the college program advanced standing or the scholarship program are paid a monthly tax-free stipend. The monthly amount is $250 for freshmen, $300 for sophomores, and $350 for juniors and $400 for seniors. Students who qualify for Advance Standing will receive a monthly stipend of $350 for juniors and $400 for seniors. Provisional Advance Standing students will receive a monthly stipend of $250.

Summer Training Cruises

A summer training period is held annually to furnish NROTC midshipmen the opportunity to gain experience in the practical application of their studies in Naval Science. These training periods range from two to six weeks in length with embedded cruise experiences three to four weeks in length. NROTC Scholarship midshipmen are required to participate in summer training during each of the three summers between freshman and senior years.

*NSCI 4050 - Naval Drill  is only open to students actively enrolled in the NROTC program.

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